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Removing a Repossession from Your Credit Report


If you’ve had a vehicle or other personal property repossessed, you know disrupting the entire process can be. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your repossession, there is going to come a point when it’s time to move on, when it’s time to look forward and focus on restoring your credit worthiness.  But what about the [...]

Removing a Repossession from Your Credit Report2020-06-26T15:57:06+00:00

Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith: Examples and Tactics


It’s an unfortunate reality: insurance companies don’t always play by the rules.  When you engage in a contractual relationship with an insurance company, you give them money in exchange for insurance coverage for your property, person, or other assets. At its very core, insurance coverage is intended to protect you from sudden losses that you [...]

Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith: Examples and Tactics2020-06-15T21:59:25+00:00

Victim of A Mixed Credit Report? Here is What You Can Do


A mixed credit report often comes as a complete surprise for many consumers.  One minute, you’re running a credit check on yourself just to make sure everything is in-line with reality. The next minute, you find yourself frustrated and confused at the inclusion of false, partially correct, or outdated information on your credit report.  This [...]

Victim of A Mixed Credit Report? Here is What You Can Do2020-05-27T19:15:34+00:00

Stimulus Check Scams: What to Watch Out For


Right now, the nation is gripped by a very serious public health crisis. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely changed the way people all over the world interact with each other.  While there have been some very inspirational stories of brotherhood and kindheartedness, there have also been news reports of an increase in scams. Among [...]

Stimulus Check Scams: What to Watch Out For2020-05-27T19:11:26+00:00

Bad Faith Insurance and You


As much as we’d like to fully trust the insurance companies we pay to protect our valuables and livelihood, they don’t all operate in an honest, diligent way.  Unfortunately, the reality is that bad faith insurance practices take place every day, and it’s a global phenomenon.  Thankfully, here in the United States, there are laws [...]

Bad Faith Insurance and You2020-03-02T19:54:21+00:00

When Do I Need a Credit Report Lawyer?


Some credit reporting errors are mere annoyances.  Others, however, can be potentially devastating to your financial welfare.  Even more challenging still can be the long, drawn-out process of contacting the credit reporting bureaus, lodging formal error correction requests, and dealing with the financial setbacks that come as a result of not being able to properly [...]

When Do I Need a Credit Report Lawyer?2020-03-02T19:36:46+00:00

What to Do After a Wrongful Insurance Denial


You pay good money every month for the insurance coverage that you’ve come to rely on. The insurance company that you’ve entrusted to protect your car, home, or other property should be responsive, helpful, and expedient when the time comes for a claim to be filed and for you to be compensated for your losses.  [...]

What to Do After a Wrongful Insurance Denial2020-02-03T21:38:44+00:00

Going Through a Divorce? Don’t Risk Your Credit


No matter the circumstances, divorce is rarely easy or simple.  It’s difficult enough having to deal with the paperwork, negotiations, and disputes that are often part-and-parcel of the overall divorce process. Through it all, you may feel like you have a good understanding of where you’ll wind up, credit-wise—until, of course, there are surprises.  More [...]

Going Through a Divorce? Don’t Risk Your Credit2020-02-03T21:22:37+00:00

Dealing with a Bankruptcy?


For many people, ‘bankruptcy’ may seem like a bad word.  It has a cultural stigma associated with failure or poor financial decisions. For those who’ve gone through a bankruptcy, they’ll tell you: it’s takes time, effort, and plenty of cutting through bureaucratic red tape before it’s possible to return to a sense of normalcy again. [...]

Dealing with a Bankruptcy?2020-01-06T23:15:00+00:00

Hail Damage Insurance Denied? Here Is What to Do


Having your property damaged due to hail is frustrating enough.  Then, having your insurance company tell you that your hail damage insurance claim is denied...well, frustration can quickly spiral into feeling helpless and victimized.  When this happens, it’s completely understandable to want to take action. The great news is that there are some things you [...]

Hail Damage Insurance Denied? Here Is What to Do2020-01-06T22:59:08+00:00

Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

Have you been harmed by a lender, debt collector, insurance company, or by identity theft, etc? Tell us about your case. We're ready to help you tackle your consumer law issue, protect your rights & help restore normality in your life and/or business.