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The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud


None of us ever expects to be defrauded by scammers, identity thieves, or other cyber criminals. But, the unfortunate reality is that consumer fraud is a multi-billion-dollar, global phenomenon, and it’s one of the ongoing threats that we can count on being around for a very long time. Considering this, learning the most you can [...]

The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud2020-11-02T18:37:18+00:00

What Is Predatory Lending?


In order to obtain assets like homes, vehicles, boats, or other property of significant value, it’s often necessary for consumers to take out loans. Consumer loans are big business. Even in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, the mortgage industry in particular has been prospering, and banks are making billions of dollars every [...]

What Is Predatory Lending?2020-11-02T18:21:21+00:00

Consumer Class Action Lawsuits: What Are They?


Any time a lawsuit involves a group of people that is represented by a single member of the group, the lawsuit can be said to be a ‘Class Action’ lawsuit. If you’ve ever received a postcard, letter, or packet in the mail notifying you that you could have a class action lawsuit claim against a [...]

Consumer Class Action Lawsuits: What Are They?2020-09-02T22:31:41+00:00

4 Common Forms of Bankruptcy Fraud


Bankruptcy is a tool that is meant to be used when all other efforts at resolving debts have been exhausted and when there is nowhere else for the borrower to turn. It’s an important protection that does away with more archaic methods of dealing with insurmountable debt, including physical confinement in Debtor’s Prison (although debt-related [...]

4 Common Forms of Bankruptcy Fraud2022-07-27T18:49:55+00:00

How Can I Avoid Foreclosure in Colorado?


If you’re a homeowner in Colorado and you’re facing the prospect of foreclosure, it’s possible you’re feeling hopeless about your situation. You may feel like your back is against the wall and that you don’t have any options available to you.  The reality is that there are some things you can do that can either [...]

How Can I Avoid Foreclosure in Colorado?2022-04-26T21:53:59+00:00

Can I Sue for Wrongful Repossession? 


Having a vehicle or other personal property repossessed can be an incredibly frustrating experience. This frustration is compounded in situations when the repossession is executed wrongfully.  At Matthew R. Osborne, PC, we represent and advise consumers in cases of wrongful repossession, and many of our new clients ask us questions related to filing a lawsuit [...]

Can I Sue for Wrongful Repossession? 2020-07-15T20:33:16+00:00

Removing a Repossession from Your Credit Report


If you’ve had a vehicle or other personal property repossessed, you know disrupting the entire process can be. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your repossession, there is going to come a point when it’s time to move on, when it’s time to look forward and focus on restoring your credit worthiness.  But what about the [...]

Removing a Repossession from Your Credit Report2022-07-27T18:49:43+00:00

Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith: Examples and Tactics


It’s an unfortunate reality: insurance companies don’t always play by the rules.  When you engage in a contractual relationship with an insurance company, you give them money in exchange for insurance coverage for your property, person, or other assets. At its very core, insurance coverage is intended to protect you from sudden losses that you [...]

Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith: Examples and Tactics2020-06-15T21:59:25+00:00

Victim of A Mixed Credit Report? Here is What You Can Do


A mixed credit report often comes as a complete surprise for many consumers.  One minute, you’re running a credit check on yourself just to make sure everything is in-line with reality. The next minute, you find yourself frustrated and confused at the inclusion of false, partially correct, or outdated information on your credit report.  This [...]

Victim of A Mixed Credit Report? Here is What You Can Do2020-05-27T19:15:34+00:00

Stimulus Check Scams: What to Watch Out For


Right now, the nation is gripped by a very serious public health crisis. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely changed the way people all over the world interact with each other.  While there have been some very inspirational stories of brotherhood and kindheartedness, there have also been news reports of an increase in scams. Among [...]

Stimulus Check Scams: What to Watch Out For2020-05-27T19:11:26+00:00

Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

Have you been harmed by a lender, debt collector, insurance company, or by identity theft, etc? Tell us about your case. We're ready to help you tackle your consumer law issue, protect your rights & help restore normality in your life and/or business.