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Common Bad Faith Tactics from Insurance Companies


For most Americans, insurance coverage is a necessary part of life. State laws require us to carry insurance for the vehicles we drive, health insurance safeguards us from potentially catastrophic medical expenses, and liability insurance is typically required for many businesses to legally operate in the state of Colorado. No matter your opinions of big [...]

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Insurance Companies Acting in Bad Faith: Examples and Tactics


It’s an unfortunate reality: insurance companies don’t always play by the rules.  When you engage in a contractual relationship with an insurance company, you give them money in exchange for insurance coverage for your property, person, or other assets. At its very core, insurance coverage is intended to protect you from sudden losses that you [...]

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Bad Faith Insurance and You


As much as we’d like to fully trust the insurance companies we pay to protect our valuables and livelihood, they don’t all operate in an honest, diligent way.  Unfortunately, the reality is that bad faith insurance practices take place every day, and it’s a global phenomenon.  Thankfully, here in the United States, there are laws [...]

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What to Do After a Wrongful Insurance Denial


You pay good money every month for the insurance coverage that you’ve come to rely on. The insurance company that you’ve entrusted to protect your car, home, or other property should be responsive, helpful, and expedient when the time comes for a claim to be filed and for you to be compensated for your losses.  [...]

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How to Sue an Insurance Company for Bad Faith


Not all insurance companies are created equal. Even the large, national insurance firms out there often operate in a way that puts profits over their insured customers. While there are many ways to make money as an insurance company, what insurance companies cannot legally do is conduct business in ‘bad faith’. Holding Insurance Firms Accountable [...]

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Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

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