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No Credit Score: What You Need to Know


Picture this. You spend years working hard to stay current on all of your bills. You make sure all of your credit card balances are paid off before interest accrues, and you go the extra mile to never miss a car, rent, or loan payment the day it comes due. After all of this hard [...]

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Who Is Most At Risk Of Having A Mixed Credit File?


Mixed credit files can be a real headache for consumers. When this happens, it puts a serious damper on how someone is treated by lenders, landlords, and even potential employers. Someone who might otherwise have a perfect credit history could be deemed a credit risk just because of a mix-up that isn’t their fault whatsoever. [...]

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What Is a Mixed Credit File, and How Do You Fix It?


As you’re probably already aware, your credit file is the single most important feature about you that reflects your creditworthiness. The information contained in your credit file is used by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions to make decisions about how much money you can borrow, at what interest rate, and under what borrowing terms. [...]

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Removing a Repossession from Your Credit Report


If you’ve had a vehicle or other personal property repossessed, you know disrupting the entire process can be. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your repossession, there is going to come a point when it’s time to move on, when it’s time to look forward and focus on restoring your credit worthiness.  But what about the [...]

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Victim of A Mixed Credit Report? Here is What You Can Do


A mixed credit report often comes as a complete surprise for many consumers.  One minute, you’re running a credit check on yourself just to make sure everything is in-line with reality. The next minute, you find yourself frustrated and confused at the inclusion of false, partially correct, or outdated information on your credit report.  This [...]

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When Do I Need a Credit Report Lawyer?


Some credit reporting errors are mere annoyances.  Others, however, can be potentially devastating to your financial welfare.  Even more challenging still can be the long, drawn-out process of contacting the credit reporting bureaus, lodging formal error correction requests, and dealing with the financial setbacks that come as a result of not being able to properly [...]

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Going Through a Divorce? Don’t Risk Your Credit


No matter the circumstances, divorce is rarely easy or simple.  It’s difficult enough having to deal with the paperwork, negotiations, and disputes that are often part-and-parcel of the overall divorce process. Through it all, you may feel like you have a good understanding of where you’ll wind up, credit-wise—until, of course, there are surprises.  More [...]

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Dealing with a Bankruptcy?


For many people, ‘bankruptcy’ may seem like a bad word.  It has a cultural stigma associated with failure or poor financial decisions. For those who’ve gone through a bankruptcy, they’ll tell you: it’s takes time, effort, and plenty of cutting through bureaucratic red tape before it’s possible to return to a sense of normalcy again. [...]

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act – An Overview


In 1970, a very important piece of legislation was passed. This piece of legislation would go on to become the bedrock for the defense of consumers when it comes to how their credit-related information is stored, communicated, and updated.  This piece of legislation is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and it serves as [...]

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Credit Report Errors and Why You Need a Lawyer


In today’s world of instant credit checks, credit score changes, and fast-as-the-speed-of-light communication among all three of the top credit reporting bureaus, credit reporting errors can be abruptly damaging. And, they can show up seemingly out of nowhere. Thankfully, many credit report errors can be easily resolved with a single email or phone call. However, [...]

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Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

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