In today’s world of instant credit checks, credit score changes, and fast-as-the-speed-of-light communication among all three of the top credit reporting bureaus, credit reporting errors can be abruptly damaging. And, they can show up seemingly out of nowhere.

Thankfully, many credit report errors can be easily resolved with a single email or phone call. However, there are other, more serious credit report errors that can be complex, multi-faceted, and much more difficult to deal with.

In this article, we’ll be explaining exactly why these more troublesome credit report errors may need the involvement of a qualified legal professional to adequately address. Not doing so could result in a long, protracted dispute between you and Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, a process that could take months or even years to settle.

An Attorney Adds Firepower

Believe it or not, the credit reporting agencies are not motivated to operate with your best interest in mind. In fact, doing anything out of the ordinary is, for them, costly and time-consuming. In many cases, convincing a credit reporting bureau to correct false or inaccurate credit reporting information can feel like an uphill battle the entire time.

However, when an attorney acting on your behalf files a Dispute Letter with these agencies, they know you mean business, and suddenly, corrective actions will start to be taken.

If the wrong letters are submitted to the wrong people, or of the wrong documents are mailed to the wrong location, credit reporting errors can stay in place for a long time. These errors can seriously impact your ability to obtain a loan, get a job, receive approval for an apartment lease, and much more.

The U.S. Government knows this, which is why the Fair Credit Reporting Act was instituted to protect consumers from erroneous credit ‘dings’ that don’t belong on their reports.

Why Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act Matter?

credit report errors 2The provisions contained within the FCRA of 1970 are specifically in place to promote accuracy, fairness, and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies (reference). Unfortunately, most consumers don’t even know that these protections are in place, nor do they know what to do to effectively argue their case citing the many clauses that are contained within the FCRA (the legislation itself is more than 630 pages long).

When a consumer is faced with the challenge of protecting their good financial name, and when the credit reporting bureaus need more than just a phone call or email to know that you’re serious about correcting the situation, a knowledgeable attorney is absolutely invaluable.

At Matthew R. Osborne, PC, all we handle are consumer protection cases. We know exactly what steps to take to get Experian, Transunion, and Equifax to take action so that your credit report represents reality, without including false or inaccurate information.

The M.R. Osborne, PC Credit Report Correction Process

Any time we take on a new client who is in need of assistance with a credit reporting issue, we follow a strict, three-step process. In our experience in managing these types of cases, we’ve found that this process has the highest success rate for most consumers.

These steps are:

  1. Matthew R. Osborne, PC conducts a free, 1-on-1 consultation to fully understand your credit reporting situation. During this step, we bring everything out in the open so we know exactly what we’re dealing with. Where are the errors? Which agencies are reporting them? How long have they been in place? What are these errors doing to your current level of financial freedom and ability to leverage your credit?
  2. We take action on your behalf by communicating directly with the lawyers who represent the reporting agencies.  From sending Dispute Letters to advising you on your next steps, we execute on our proven strategies for resolving your credit reporting situation once and for all. And, we keep you informed on the developments in your case as they happen, so you’re never left wondering what the status of your case is.
  3. We remain by your side as a legal defense resource if and when you need it. Just because an erroneous credit report situation has been corrected, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen again. Having our legal team in your corner will give you peace of mind as you forge forward with the confidence that can only be obtained when you know you have an outstanding legal professional at your disposal.

At Matthew R. Osborne, PC, we’re passionate about protecting consumers from damaging credit reporting errors. To schedule your free, 1-on-1 consultation, contact us today.