No matter the circumstances, divorce is rarely easy or simple. 

It’s difficult enough having to deal with the paperwork, negotiations, and disputes that are often part-and-parcel of the overall divorce process. Through it all, you may feel like you have a good understanding of where you’ll wind up, credit-wise—until, of course, there are surprises. 

More often than not, there is going to need to be some credit cleanup required after things settle down, post-divorce. There are numerous reasons for this, and at the end of the day, you should be looking out for yourself and your financial future as you continue on to the next phase of your life. 

The Law Offices of Matthew R. Osborne, PC specialize in ensuring that your credit rating remains an accurate representation of your credit worthiness, regardless of what transpired during or after your divorce. To that end, we provide legal services aimed at helping to restore your credit to where it belongs.

Why You Need a Credit Attorney

You probably already know that the ‘big three’ credit reporting agencies—Transunion, Experian, and Equifax—are large, bureaucratic organizations. 

They also don’t care about what did or didn’t happen during your divorce. Their job is to compile credit information related to you as an individual and serve that information to any lender, bank, or other entity that rightfully asks for it. If there are discrepancies with this information, it’s up to you to have them corrected. And, if you decide to attempt this on your own, it’s going to be a long, hard fight. 

That’s why you need a credit attorney that specializes in helping you put the pieces back together after a divorce. The Law Offices of Matthew R. Osborne, PC know exactly how to communicate on your behalf with the credit reporting agencies so that your credit profile doesn’t become swiss cheese in the wake of divorce. 

Without an attorney working for you, it’s much more likely that any disputes you lodge with the credit reporting bureaus will not be prioritized, will take longer to process, and may not even be considered at all. 

Some of the more common post-divorce credit situations we help to rectify include:

  • Late payment credit dings
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Defaulted loans
  • Unpaid utility, credit card, or other bills

Remember that during your marriage, your spouse was making financial decisions that affected both of you. That could mean racking up a ton of debt, not paying bills that needed to be paid, or not informing you of the actions he or she was taking. 

credit after divorce 2In the eyes of the US government and the credit reporting agencies, you and your spouse were treated equally within the purview of marriage. 

Once you’re divorced, however, it’s going to be up to you to reclaim your financial independence and distinguish yourself as a separate, unrelated consumer—one that is no longer legally tied to your ex-spouse. 

Don’t Go It Alone—Protect your Financial Good Name

Considering the myriad of stressors that can often accompany divorce, you’re likely to have enough to deal with as it is. You shouldn’t be losing sleep wondering how you’re going to correct all of the credit reporting discrepancies following your divorce—discrepancies you may not even be responsible for. 

When you decide to work with Matthew R. Osborne, PC to restore your credit after a divorce, you’re taking an important step in protecting not just your current financial situation, but your future financial situation as well. 

As difficult as it may be to leave the past in the past and move on from your divorce, spare yourself the worry and confusion of repairing your credit. The legal team at Matthew R. Osborne, PC will work with you to develop a forward-thinking credit reconstruction strategy that has your best interest in mind. 

Once the groundwork has been laid for your new financial future, you’ll be able to focus on the other areas of your life that deserve your attention. 

We understand how frustrating this time can be. We realize you may feel lost when it comes to knowing what actions to take, which calls to make, or what letters to send. We can make the entire process faster, more efficient, and much less of a headache than it has to be. 

We’ve helped dozens of people just like you—people who are ready for a fresh start after a divorce and who need legal help to forge forward. 

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