auto dealer fraud attorneyHave you purchased a vehicle from a car dealership only to find that there is damage that wasn’t disclosed prior to the sale?

Do you believe that a car dealership misrepresented the condition of a car, truck, or SUV you purchased, and now you’re left feeling ripped off?

There are many car dealers in the state of Colorado that conduct their business ethically and transparently, with a genuine motivation to do right by the customer. However, there is also a select few car dealerships that knowingly sell salvaged, damaged, or rebuilt vehicles without notifying the buyer of these important facts beforehand.

These dealerships are often able to get away with such practices, as most consumers don’t feel like they have anywhere to turn when they fall prey to car dealership fraud. The truth is that, with the right legal representation, car dealership fraud can be stopped in its tracks.

The Matthew R. Osborne, PC Solution

Our attorneys see the deceptive practices of dishonest car dealerships for what they are. Make no mistake about it: when a car dealership sells a vehicle with clear and present damage or a questionable repair history and they don’t notify the buyer, what they’re doing is illegal.

If you’ve found yourself in receipt of a vehicle that was sold to you without full disclosures related to its value, mileage, condition, or title history, there is something you can do about it. The car dealership won’t tell you this, because their profits are on the line.

Colorado Lemon Laws are the consumers first line of defense against car dealership fraud. At Matthew R. Osborne, PC, we know how these laws work, what documentation is needed to initiate a lemon law buyback, and how to protect you from being cheated by unscrupulous car salespeople who just want your money.

With the legal team at Matthew R. Osborne, PC in your corner, you can feel confident in your pursuit of justice in cases of car dealership fraud. Not only will we car dealership fraud lawyerfight for your rights as a buyer protected by Colorado’s Lemon Laws, we will aggressively pursue any and all legal action permissible by law, on your behalf.

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In cases of car dealership fraud, time is of the essence. If you believe you have a viable case of car dealership fraud on your hands, it’s critical that you acquire legal representation immediately. For a free consultation to discuss the particulars of your case, contact us today by calling (303) 759-7018.