false background checkWhen you’re being considered for a position of employment, you want to give the best possible impression to your potential employer. This includes accurately representing your work experience, your skills and qualifications, and your criminal history.

When the time comes to perform the background check necessary for your new job, you want to feel confident that there aren’t going to be any hidden surprises. However, in some cases, the criminal histories of other people can cross over into your background check. This happens especially frequently for people who have common names like “Steven Smith” or similar.

All it takes is a single false background check to ruin your employment prospects or even your employment status, as it’s not uncommon for a false background check to be used as grounds for termination of an existing employee. This can leave the affected person feeling embarrassed, disappointed, and confused, not to mention powerless in changing the documented criminal history to reflect reality.

The Matthew R. Osborne Solution

When clients approach us with cases of false background checks, they often don’t know where else to turn. They don’t feel prepared to dispute the erroneous criminal records in their name, and they need help.

The attorneys at Matthew R. Osborne understand the feelings of hopelessness and desperation that can come with job terminations or job denials due to false background checks. It’s completely understandable to feel frustrated and even angry because of someone else’s mistakes.

We realize that your livelihood is affected by the mistakes of a flawed system, and we know what actions to take to remove the false criminal records attributed to you, restoring your criminal status to where it belongs: accurate and true.

The challenge lies in convincing issuing state and federal authorities that this mistake has been made and demanding that it be corrected. This task is best background check lawyers denverhandled by a knowledgeable, competent attorney who knows employment law in Colorado.

Our Expertise, Your Good Name

The consumer advocate attorneys at Matthew R. Osborne are passionate about representing victims of false background checks so that they don’t have to worry about a future job loss or wrongful termination because of administrative errors outside of their control.

To learn more about how we can help you in your false background check situation, contact our offices by calling (303) 759-7018. The consultation is free, and we’ll inform you of all the options available to you including litigation, if necessary.