identity theft lawyer near meIf you’ve had your identity illegally used to obtain a loan, apply for credit, or acquire government documents, you know how upsetting the experience can be. Not only do identity thieves profit from using your personal information for their own purposes; they can also sell your information to others by using the dark web and other black markets.

Often, the problems don’t stop there. Once your identity has been stolen, it can be a long and arduous process to get your bank, credit card company, or other financial institution to remove the bogus accounts or derogatory credit ‘dings’ that are now affecting you. This is where we can help.

We Help You Regain Control of Your Identity

The identity fraud experts at Matthew R. Osborne, PC represent victims of stolen Social Security Numbers, credit card data, and other financial information that has been illegally used to obtain money, access to credit, or anything else unauthorized by the victim.

Some of the most common tactics used by identity thieves include:

  • Opening an account in someone else’s name. When an identity thief does this, they’re able to run up massive lines of credit that they never intend on paying back. Instead, you’re left holding the bag.
  • Stealing Social Security Numbers and using them as their own. Unfortunately, this is still a very common criminal practice, and identity thieves are getting away with it every day.
  • “Hijacking” existing accounts and initiating unauthorized changes, money transfers, or other bogus transactions. Unless your financial institution catches these criminal activities before you do, it can be very difficult to rewind the actions that were taken on your behalf.

If you’ve been the victim of identity fraud, you have options available to you. The identity theft attorneys at Matthew R. Osborne, PC can help by representing you during your identity theft lawyer denvereffort to restore your credit, account standings, and other financial designations. We know the Colorado laws pertaining to identity theft, and we use them to the fullest extent in giving peace of mind back to our clients.

By representing you, our team gives you the power you need to return your credit standing back to where rightful status before your identity was stolen, quickly and efficiently. We know the law, and we put it to use to defend your rights as a consumer.

Best of all, your initial consultation with us is completely free. Call us today at 303-759-7018 and start the process of taking back control of your identity, your credit, and your financial well-being.