It’s an unfortunate fact that mortgage companies often make mistakes. These mistakes can turn into unwarranted fees and penalties levied against the borrower. Once these fees start to accumulate, the mortgage company can often initiate the foreclosure process, putting the homeowner into a bad situation that simply isn’t their fault.

At Matthew R. Osborne, PC, we’ve seen first-hand what can happen when a mortgage company threatens or starts a foreclosure even though all payments have been made on time. We know how frustrating it can be for the homeowner to feel powerless to change their situation.

After all, mortgage companies are often large companies with strict policies and regulations that do not work in favor of the borrower.

Take Control, Stop Undue Property Loss

foreclosure lawyers near meWith the team of experienced attorneys at Matthew R. Osborne, PC, home and commercial property owners in Denver can regain control of their mortgages. Even though banks and lending institutions may be large and sophisticated, they’re not above the law. And, our consumer advocate attorneys know the law.

If you have had questionable fees or charges added to your loan and you’re being told to pay money you don’t owe, contact us immediately. We’ll walk you through the process of submitting a Qualified Written Request to correct these errors. If the mortgage company doesn’t correct their mistake within 30 days of receiving this request, the legal team at Matthew R. Osborne, PC will help you litigate against the mortgage company.

Remember that you are never without options in property loss situations like these. The Colorado laws governing mortgage lending are extensive and complicated, but at their core, they are designed to protect the consumer.

Trusted Lawyers, Proven Results

In many property loss cases, we can have erroneous fees and charges removed from the loan entirely, while also forcing the mortgage company to rescind penalties. And, if the foreclosure process has already been started, we can put a stop to it, protecting your credit, your property,  and your good name.

  • If you’ve already paid fees that you never owed in the first place, we can fight for you to put that money back in your pocket.
  • If you’re getting phone calls or emails with requests to pay money you don’t owe, we can represent you in a Colorado court, holding the mortgage company accountable for their mistakes.

You don’t have to yield to the demands of a mortgage company that made a mistake. Get in touch with the property loss experts at Matthew R. Osborne, PC today, and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Call us now at (303) 759-7018.

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