How To Avoid Home Repair Fraud After A Natural Disaster


It’s frustrating enough to have to deal with damages caused by hail, heavy winds, blizzards or other natural disasters. The stress mounts when you have to juggle dealing with the insurance company, managing temporary living accommodations, and more. You wouldn’t expect to be targeted for fraud in the wake of a jarring natural disaster, but [...]

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4 Common Forms of Bankruptcy Fraud


Bankruptcy is a tool that is meant to be used when all other efforts at resolving debts have been exhausted and when there is nowhere else for the borrower to turn. It’s an important protection that does away with more archaic methods of dealing with insurmountable debt, including physical confinement in Debtor’s Prison (although debt-related [...]

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8 Basic Rights of Consumers


In the Spring of 1962, then-president of the United States John F. Kennedy gave an historically important speech to Congress.  In that speech, President Kennedy outlined four basic rights that should be upheld for all consumers in the US—these rights were presented as inherent and without contention, and the speech itself would become a reference [...]

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Identity Theft and How to Deal With It


Did you know that in the year 2017, more than 16 million people were victims of identity theft? And, unfortunately, this number isn’t going down. ‘White collar’ criminals who prey on hapless consumers are constantly evolving their tactics and strategies aimed at stealing identifying personal information so that it can be used to take out [...]

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Choosing an Attorney with a Track Record of Success

Have you been harmed by a lender, debt collector, insurance company, or by identity theft, etc? Tell us about your case. We're ready to help you tackle your consumer law issue, protect your rights & help restore normality in your life and/or business.